CC Forum's 4th edition will be held in the UAE and titled "Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development", connecting policy makers, thought leaders and global investors for a 3 day highly intense brainstorming session.

CC Forum is one of the world's major investment events. The main focus of its 2020 roadshow in Dubai, Cannes and London is getting together under one roof the top decision makers and getting them to contribute to cracking down on some of the most pressing issues mankind is facing today - climate change, renewable energy, alternative fuels etc. It is also concerned with exploring the ways in which emerging technologies can be utilised to resolve those problems.

Climate change is likely to be affecting the global economy more rapidly and dramatically that expected. So, much of the forum's agenda will be examining its far reaching impact on every aspect of the world's economy and finance as well as rethinking hitherto adopted business practices.

CC Forum will feature a multi-track conference including keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, round tables and fireside chats, a buzzing exhibition representing sustainability related projects as well as a host of networking opportunities ranging from private retreats to our traditional investors' VIP Gala Dinner.