Blockchain summit

Blockchain summit

Blockchain Conference

Blockchain Conference

Blockchain Conference

Crypto Investment

Crypto Investment

Crypto Investment

The world Blockchain conference will take place on 22-25 May at the iconic Hilton Malta, Valletta connecting global thought leaders, policy makers, investors and blockchain crypto startups from all over the world for a 3 day top content event.

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Blockchain, AI & Digital Innovation

22-25 May, Malta 30-31 October, London

22-25 May

Malta 2019

30-31 Oct

London 2019





Following our hugely successful London edition our next event will be taking place on the

«blockchain island» of Malta!

Congratulations on creating such a fantastic event! A brilliant line up of speakers! Very interesrting and well-organised!

Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond

Member of the British Parliament

The CC Forum in London was a revelation, a great event that engaged both the audience and the speakers in a format that was genius. CCF is now part of the event calendar for the true crypto evangelist and Blockchain professional. Max is a true professional and has raised the bar when it comes to Blockchain events. I look forward to participating more of Max's events as they are a breath of fresher air and the format really delivers for the enthusiast and the professional looking to get to grips with the Blockchain Revolution. As one of the leading speakers and Blockchain evangelists I have spoken at many events all around the world but I have to say the CCF summit in London was one of the best events.

Nick Ayton

CEO and Founder, Chainstarter

It was a pleasure to be invited to speak in Westminster Hall in CCF by Max. I also saw a great mix of speakers and startups and found a great investment. I am also thrilled to be Sponsor of the pitch competion of of the Malta edition. Looking forward to giving away EURO 100K to the winner!

Dr. Evan Luthra

CEO, EL Corporation International

Max and his team are at the forefront of knowledge transfer in blockchain and innovation. They put together a spectacular event in London. I'm sure the Malta event will be even better. Speakers and attendees were world-class interesting. Don't miss the gala dinner, it's worth bringing a tux for.

David Siegel

CEO, Pillar Project and 20/30

CC FORUM kicks off in:




Dr. Joseph Muscat

Hon Prime Minister
The Government of Malta


Hon Silvio Schembri

Minister for Fin Services,
Digital Economy & Innovation



Nouriel Roubini

Global economist
RGE Monitor


Tim Draper

Founder - Draper
Associates/DFJ/Draper University


Roger Ver
Founder & CEO


Bobby Lee

Founder of BTCC,
Bitcoin Foundation,
Board Member


Vinay Gupta



Dinis Guarda

CEO, Founder


The world Blockchain conference will take place on 22-25 May at the iconic Hilton Malta, connecting global thought leaders, policy makers, investors, blockchain & AI startups from all over the world for a 3 day top content event.

Non-collocated with any other events, the Forum is 100% dedicated to blockchain & AI and its revolutionary impact on each sphere of human activities. It will feature inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, fire-side chats, an investors' hub and a host of networking opportunities.

Split across three tracks, the blockchain summit's agenda will explore the ways in which blockchain technology will transform the world's economy and finance. It will also highlight its potential for solving environmental issues mankind is facing today thus adding to it a key ethical dimension. Speakers will include some of the world's most renowned thought leaders and global transformers.

The Forum will abound in a rich networking programme ranging from post-conference receptions to private VIP retreats. It will culminate in a big Gala dinner & Awards Giving Ceremony.

There are a number of reasons why attending the CC FORUM is an absolute must.


The world blockchain conference CC FORUM is privileged to have some of the world's best speakers on blockchain and crypto investment. Some of these individuals are global transformers. Come and listen to what the gurus have to say!


The top industry leaders, policy makers, think tanks, family offices, venture capitalists and institutional and private investors will attend the blockchain summit.


We will crack down on vast spectrum of global issues will be tackling subjects like Blockchain and Government Initiatives, the Future of Crypto Investment, Blockchain and AI Regulation.


The Forum will see an unprecedented agenda called «The World's Ecosystems and Crypto Investment» where crypto friendly governments will have the opportunity to showcase respective ecosystems, highlight their blockchain initiatives, explain why crypto investors should consider their countries as their destination and make global announcements.


The Forum will provide startups the right platform to connect with potential investors. The 'investors' hub' will be running for two days where you will be able to present your project to investment decision makers subject to prior appointment.


A range of networking opportunities will be available to you. You will be able to connect with your peers and potential partners while attending a prestigious networking lunch, a coffee break or a wine reception.


There will be a fun part as well! The Gala Dinner and Awards Giving Ceremony will be the highlight event for many and will be held within the framework of the Forum.


22 May 2019 Private Investors' Parties
(by invitation)

23 May 2019 Blockchain and AI intiatives

Hilton Malta


8.30 AM — 9.45 AM

Registration and Coffee

9.45 AM — 10.00 AM

Welcoming remarks

10.00 AM — 10.15 AM

Inauguration by Hon PM Dr Joseph Muscat

10:15 AM — 10.30 AM

Keynote by Hon Silvio Schembri

10.30 AM — 11.15 AM

Panel: Malta's Place in the World Digital Economy and its Initiatives

11.15 AM — 11.35 AM

Networking break

11.35 AM — 11.50 PM

Keynote : Blockchain beyond the Hype

11.50 PM — 12.25 PM

Regulatory Framework as a Means of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment)

12.25 PM — 1.00 PM

Panel: How Will Blockchain, AI and IoT Converge in the Next Decade?

1.00 PM — 2.00 PM

Lunch Break

2.00 PM — 2.20 PM


2.20 PM — 2.40 PM


2.40 PM — 3.10 PM

Panel: Applications of Blockhain and AI for the Fintech Industry.

3.10 PM — 3.35 PM

Keynote or Fireside Chat

3.35 PM — 4.05 PM

Networking break

4.05 PM — 5.00 PM

Duel: Is the Global Decentralised Financial System a Possibility or a Utopia?

5.00 PM — 5.25 PM

Fireside chat

5.25 PM — 5.30 PM

Closing Remarks

7.00 PM — 11.00 PM

Gala Dinner

24 May 2019
The Future of Money

Hilton Malta


9.00 AM — 10.00 AM

Registration and Coffee

10.00 AM — 10.20 AM

Keynote: The Future of Money

10.20 AM — 10.35 AM

Keynote: Overview of The Global State of Crypto

10.35 AM — 11.10 AM

Panel: Global Banking in the Digital Age

11.10 AM — 11.25 AM


11.25 AM — 11.40 AM

Networking Break

11.40 AM — 12.10 PM

Panel: Blockhain & AI and Cybersecurity

12.10 PM — 1.00 PM

Duel : Will Cryptocurrencies Fail or Succeeed?

1.00 PM — 2.00 PM

Lunch Break

2.00 PM — 2.30 PM

Panel : What is Going On in the Crypto Market ? The Lessons Drawn and the Horizons Ahead.

2.30 PM — 2.45 PM


2.45 PM — 3.15 PM

Panel: Investment in Blockchain & AI: Have the Industry Matured for Mainstream Institutional Investment ?

3.15 PM — 3.30 PM


3.30 PM — 3.45 PM

Networking Break

3.45 PM — 4.15 PM

Panel : Global Financial Platforms : Regulation of Crypto Assets

4.15 PM — 4.30 PM


4.30 PM — 5.00 PM

Panel: What will the Future of the Fintech Industry Look Like ?

5.00 PM — 5.15 PM

The Pitch Competition Winner's Announcement

5.15 PM — 5.25 PM

Closing Remarks

A sunset cruiseship party


A sunset voyage to Malta's three landmark towns across the bay from la Valletta's seawater front


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We are pleased to announce thr following nominations set for the joint Malta edition of
CC Forum "Blockchain, AI & Digital Innovation" and Malta AI&BC Summit:

If you would like to apply for any of our nominations, please, read carefully the instructions.


Best Blockchain and AI Infuencer

Show info

A vast number of books about blockchain and AI technologies have been published over the recent years. These highlight the ways in which blockchain and AI have been bringing about drastic changes into our society. Many were written by some of the shrewdest thought leaders. This award goes as a recognition of this contribution.


Best Blockchain and AI Startup Adviser

Show info

The blockchain industry has both matured and developped having taken a huge leap from a tentative space to a fully fledged industry. A lot of successful startups have sprung up and are moving forward at at headlong speed even despite the "winter". Many of them owe their success to their Advisors, whose expertise, reputation and business acumen have enabled them to discern the talent and to support it.


Best Blockchain News Medium

Show info

The industry has got to come to appreciate the efforts of people who made it their goal evangelizing the blockchain revolution. It has been through their commitment and dedication that some of the major events in the space received both detailed and unbiased coverage, that the ideas of thought leaders got spead and that the brightest startups became known to the public at large.


Best Blockchain Marketing/PR Campaign

Show info

Blockchain and AI gave rise to some of the stunning marketing/PR campaigns ever implemented. Not only startups, but large companies in the transition period in blockchain technology, have entrusted conducting their public relations to professional PR agencies. This award is designed to highlight their contribution in bringing the best to the fore as well the appreciation of their clients.


Best Crypto Disrupter

Show info

This award goes to an individual who will be considered by our jury to have made a game changing impact on modern society on its way to the democratisation and decentralisation of the global financial system.


Social/Enviromental Impact

Show info

The effects of blockchain technology on social and environmental scenarios are nothing short of revolutionary. This emerging tech has already proven itself a game changer, allowing people to access and transfer data in an easy and eco-friendly way. It is for this reason that we have decided to aim the spotlight on some amazing projects which are forging a new path in problem solving. Follow their story as they develop and improve blockchain in those arenas.


BC and AI applied to ART

Show info

The strong bonds that are achieved through community are vital in this new digital era, so what better than an award honouring the myriad of ways art can bring together different cultures and mindsets through technology?

We’re bringing you some amazing art projects which are applying the innovation behind Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain to the forefront of this industry, showcasing the creative thought process behind them and highlighting the phenomenal results being delivered. From transparency of price to ownership rights, the merging of art and tech has produced novel industries such as digital art and digital collectibles.


DAO Building

Show info

There are many paths towards a sustainable future with blockchain technology, but DAOs, while still in the ‘work in progress stage’ have the potential to be game changers. From intellectual property to actual government, DAOs give back sovereign power to the people by allowing for a true democracy - enhancing a broken social layer, engendering business collaborations and creating accountability.


Fostering Adoption

Show info

With each passing day we realise that the strength powering blockchain is the community behind it.

The tighter our bonds, the stronger blockchain becomes. Education plays a strong, defining role in this process, which is why we have decided to reward projects working on implementing a sustainable education program and consequentially fostering adoption and strengthening the community at large.


IoT Implementation

Show info

The convergence of technologies has helped produce innovative industry-ready solutions. The broadness of technologies such as blockchain and A.I. have benefited enormously from the smart applications of IoT, capitalising on the rich gold mines of data the digital era has produced and creating intriguing problem solving ideas. IoT itself is also in debt to the benefits offered by block tech, such as long-term security solutions for smart devices. In light of this we recognise those taking bold steps towards a more united and connected future.

The winners will be announced at the Award Giving Ceremony at the Gala Dinner on 23 May.

The winners will be announced at the Award Giving Ceremony at the Gala Dinner on 23 May.

Our sponsors


Important information:

If you are interested in pitching in front of high profile international investors, you can contact the Forum's team on and apply for a slot.

Please, note that as the number of slots is limited, your application will be subject to a careful scrutiny by our expert committee. Terms and conditions apply.

Investors' Hub will be active at the Forum. It will comprise 20+ investment funds, family offices and VC capital firms with a keen interest in blockchain related projects. Startups will be welcome to approach the decision makers direct subject to a prior arrangement.

An exhibition showcasing the latest developments in blockchain and crypto space will be taking place in the big Lobby. Both startups and sponsors are welcome to take part. Terms and conditions apply.



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22-25 May 2019.
Hilton Malta, Vjal Portomaso St Julian's PTM, San Ġiljan 01, Malta

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The LIVESTREAM connection will be available on both 29th and 30th October subject to a prior subscription. The details of the terms and conditions of subscription will be provided on our website closer to the time of the event.

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22nd May19:00-23:00

Welcome Networking Drinks


23rd May09:00-18:00

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23rd May12:00-14:00

AI Startup Pitch


23rd May18:00-20:00

24th May18:00-20:00

Networking Drinks


24th May12:00-14:00

STO Battle


CONFERENCES | Your first conference is on us! Charges apply if you tick two or more conferences.

23rd May09:00-12:00

AI & Blockhchain Regulation


23rd May14:00-18:00

World Changing Applications of AI & Blockchain


24th May09:00-12:00

Blockchain Investment & The Future of Digital Money


24th May14:00-18:00

Investment in AI, IOT & Bit Data


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22nd May09:00-18:00

Social Impact


23rd May09:00-18:00

AI Thought leaders Workshop


23rd May14:00-18:00

Quantum Tech


24th May09:00-10:30

AI&BC for Retail & Property


24th May10:30-12:00

AI&BC for Entertainment & Marketing


24th May12:00-13:30

AI&BC for Payments, Banking & Finance


24th May13:30-15:00

AI&BC for Transport & Logistics


24th May15:00-16:30

AI&BC for Healthcare


24th May16:30-18:00

AI&BC for Energy


NETWORKING EVENTS | Wining and dining goes a long way in this industry!

22nd May19:00-23:00

Awards Dinner - Center Table (10 seats)


22nd May19:00-23:00

Awards Dinner - 1 Seat


23rd May19:00-23:00

Knights of Blockchain Dinner


24th May19:00-21:00

Crypto Cruise


24th May19:00-23:00

Knights of Blockchain Dinner


24th May21:00-04:00

Closing Night


25th May11:00-13:00

Champagne Brunch


25th May13:00-19:00

'Proof of Steak' Pool Party



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Press release

Malta AI&BC Summit

CC Forum "Blockchain, AI and Digital Innovation"
proudly presents:

22 – 25 May 2019 will see one of the world's major industry events. It will connect global thought leaders, policy makers, investors and startups from across the world for a 3 day top content event. It will be attended by the industry leaders, think tanks, institutional and private investors, family offices and VC firms.

The event's highlights include:

8500+ attendees

200+ influential speakers

20+ participants of the Investors' Hub

300+ exhibitors

Inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister, the event is privileged to have some of the world's most authoritative speakers, some of whom are global transformers.

The programme of the event is highly intense: 3 stages, a buzzing exhibition floor, keynotes, panels, fireside chats, duels, startup competition, workshops, round tables and a number of networking events.

Split across three tracks, the event's agenda will address a wide range of issues including Blockchain & AI and Foreign Direct Investment, the Future of Digital Investment and the Regulatory Framework of the Blockchain & AI Space.

Part of the event's programme are one-to-one and two-to-two duels where heavyweights will engage in heated public debates on the big issues of the space.

A distinctive feature of the event is the Investors' Hub – an exclusive networking area where the brightest startups will have access to decision makers representing participating investment funds, VC firms and family offices, with a total of 70B USD under management.

A series of high profile round tables involving Malta's senior governmental officials and global investors will be held.

A pitching contest will be held alongside the two day exhibition in the Hall's lobby in which startups are welcome to participate.

Last, but not least, the Forum abounds in a rich networking programme ranging from pre- and post- event receptions to private VIP retreats. It will culminate in the Gala Dinner & Awards Giving Ceremony.