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Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development

February 2020 Dubai





Following our highly successful editions in London last year and Malta this year, CC Forum will be hosting its 3d edition at the renowned Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre a stone's throw from the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. With global investors' interest pivoting towards more diversified portfolio strategies, CC Forum is to be attended by a record number of family offices, investment funds and VC capital firms looking at investing in emerging innovative technologies. This makes CC Forum London the biggest gathering of private wealth in the industry and the place to be for global startups. It is a multi-track conference with a stellar line-up, a buzzing exhibition and a host of networking opportunities. Welcome to London!

The glory of the distributed ledger

Financial Times

Vibrant, exciting and a little controversial


It was a pleasure to speak at the 3rd edition of CC Forum. The audience was captive and the organizers managed to get together top people from the industry!

H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Industrie-und Finanzkontor ETS Executive Chairman

CC Forum is an excellent multinational conference exploring and debating the future of AI and blockchain

Lord Marland of Odstock

Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Chairman, MP

CC Forum's Blockchain event in the QE2 conference centre achieved greater understanding of the manner of things for tomorrow's world. It has been a pleasure to participate and I have appreciated meeting many new friends who are dedicated to the process

Lord JD Waverley

Congratulations on creating such a fantastic event! A brilliant line up of speakers! Very interesting and well-organised!

Lord Chris Holmes of Richmond

Member of the British Parliament

An awesome event everyone must attend to gather knowledge, connections and insights into this emerging embryonic market

Thomas Power

Board member of 9 Spokes

Max, thanks for having me at your conference! It was fun, we had great time. You had done really high caliber people attending

Bobby Lee

Founder of BTCC
Bitcoin Foundation
Board Member

Anyone interested in blockchain and crypto should be sure to attend CC Forum

Roger Ver

CC FORUM kicks off in:


Speakers 2019-2020


Nouriel Roubini

Global economist
RGE Monitor


Tim Draper

Founder - Draper
Associates/DFJ/Draper University


H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Industrie- und Finanzkontor ETS
Executive Chairman


Lord Marland of Odstock

Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council
Chairman, MP


Roger Ver
Chairman and Founder


Eva Kaili

Member of the European Parliament


John MacAfee



Craig Wright

N Chain
Chief Scientist


CC Forum London Investment in Blockchain and AI will take place on 14-16 October at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, connecting global thought leaders, policy makers, investors, blockchain & AI startups from all over the world for a 3 day top content event.

Non-collocated with any other events, the Forum is 100% dedicated to blockchain & AI and its revolutionary impact on each sphere of human activities. It will feature inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, fire-side chats, an investors' hub and a host of networking opportunities.

Split across three tracks, the blockchain summit's agenda will explore the ways in which blockchain technology will transform the world's economy and finance. It will also highlight its potential for solving environmental issues mankind is facing today thus adding to it a key ethical dimension. Speakers will include some of the world's most famous thought leaders and global transformers.

The Forum will abound in a rich networking programme ranging from post-conference receptions to private VIP retreats. It will culminate in a big Gala dinner & Awards Giving Ceremony.

There are a number of reasons why attending the CC FORUM is an absolute must.


The world blockchain conference CC FORUM is privileged to have some of the world's best speakers on blockchain and crypto investment. Some of these individuals are global transformers. Come and listen to what the gurus have to say!


The top industry leaders, policy makers, think tanks, family offices, venture capitalists and institutional and private investors will attend the blockchain summit.


We will crack down on vast spectrum of global issues will be tackling subjects like Blockchain and Government Initiatives, the Future of Crypto Investment, Blockchain and AI Regulation.


The Forum will see an unprecedented agenda called «The World's Ecosystems and Crypto Investment» where crypto friendly governments will have the opportunity to showcase respective ecosystems, highlight their blockchain initiatives, explain why crypto investors should consider their countries as their destination and make global announcements.


The Forum will provide startups the right platform to connect with potential investors. The 'investors' hub' will be running for two days where you will be able to present your project to investment decision makers subject to prior appointment.


A range of networking opportunities will be available to you. You will be able to connect with your peers and potential partners while attending a prestigious networking lunch, a coffee break or a wine reception.


There will be a fun part as well! The Gala Dinner and Awards Giving Ceremony will be the highlight event for many and will be held within the framework of the Forum.




We are pleased to announce the following nominations set for CC Forum "Investment in Blockchain and AI":

Both companies and individuals are eligible for our award nominations. To apply, use this application form to complete the appropriate form and submit if for our Awards Jury. As you may understand, we are getting a vast number of applications. So, only three contenders in each of our awards categories will be shortlisted and one of them will be given our Oscar-style award. Good luck!


Blockhain and AI Thought Leader of the Year 2019

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A vast number of books about blockchain and AI technologies have been published over the recent years. These highlight the ways in which blockchain and AI have been bringing about drastic changes into our society. Many were written by some of the shrewdest thought leaders. This award goes as a recognition of this contribution.


Blockchain and AI Innovator 2019

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The Innovator award is designed for a most innovative blockchain/AI company or entrepreneur who has not only generated groundbreaking ideas, but has succeeded in implementing them.


Blockchain and AI Investor 2019

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Our traditional annual Investor award is a recognition of the shrewdness and talent of a company or a business person has invested capital, time and effort in starting/growing a significant blockchain/AI project.


Blockchain and AI Journalist 2019

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This award goes to the most dedicated representative of media whose articles, interviews or opinions have been helping to shape the industry.


Blockchain and AI Entrepreneur 2019

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This award is given to a visionary entrepreneur whose business acumen and willingness to take risks have been instrumental in successfully implementing a brilliant blockchain/AI project.


Blockchain and AI News Medium 2019

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The industry has got to come to appreciate the efforts of people who made it their goal evangelizing the blockchain revolution. It has been through their commitment and dedication that some of the major events in the space received both detailed and unbiased coverage, that the ideas of thought leaders got spead and that the brightest startups became known to the public at large.


Blockchain and AI Advisor 2019

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The page is under construction.

The winners will be announced at the Award Giving Ceremony at the Gala Dinner on 15th October.

Our sponsors



CC Forum London has the largest concentration of investors per capita in the space. This refers to both the amount of investors speaking on stage, participating in our unique Investors' Hub and attending the event.
CC Forum London will feature the Startup City providing the brightest 50+ startups will a unique opportunity of getting FREE exhibition space (comprising a vertical stand 2m x 1m, a table and two chairs).
We receive hundreds of requests from startups every day. So, only those will qualify who comply with the following criteria:
- your startup has to do with Blockchain, AI, Fintech, IoT, Big Data or Quantum Tech
- it has to be in seed or early stage phase
- your company has to be registered
- you are looking for investment
- you would need to be registered for at least one Business Pass or one VIP pass for CC Forum London
If you qualify for the above, please complete the form here. Remember, that is this your ONLY opportunity to convince us that you are eligible.
The deadline for receiving applications is 4th October.

Pitching contest

We are thrilled to announce our Pitching Contest to take place on 15th October with a confirmed £50K as a prize draw to the winner.
Important information:
If you are interested in pitching in front of high profile international investors, you can contact the Forum's team on and apply for a slot.
Please, note that as the number of slots is limited, your application will be subject to a careful scrutiny by our expert committee. Terms and conditions apply.

Investors' Hub

Investors' Hub which is a specially designated VIP area will be active at the Forum. It will comprise 20+ investment funds, family offices and VC capital firms with a keen interest in blockchain related projects. Startups will be welcome to approach the decision makers direct subject to a prior arrangement.
An exhibition showcasing the latest developments in blockchain and AI space will be taking place in the big Lobby. Both startups and sponsors are welcome to take part. Terms and conditions apply.


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The LIVESTREAM connection will be available on both 29th and 30th October subject to a prior subscription. The details of the terms and conditions of subscription will be provided on our website closer to the time of the event.

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Press release

CC Forum
Investment in Blockhain and AI

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre London, UK

14-16 October 2019 will see one of the world's major industry events. Following our highly successful inaugural edition in London last October as well as our the joint edition with the Maltese partners this May, the second edition of CC Forum London will connect global thought leaders, policy makers, investors and startups from across the world for a 3 day top content event. The summit will be attended by the industry leaders, think tanks, institutional and private investors, family offices and VC firms.

The event's highlights have included:

2000+ attendees

100+ speakers

70+ exhibitors

Having processed a vast number of applications, CC Forum's Jury have anonymously nominated the following thought leaders in 7 Awards' nominations: the certificates were awarded at the black-tie Awards Gala on 15th October

Jillian Godsil - Blockchain and AI Journalist of the Year 2019

Roger Ver - Blockchain and AI Thought leader of the Year 2019

Nick Ayton - Blockchain and AI Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

Andrew Fenton - Blockchain and AI News Medium of the Year 2019

Fatmah Baothman - Blockchain and AI Academic Research of the Year 2019

Andrea Bonaceto - Blockchain and AI Investor of the Year 2019

Rana Zain - Blockchain and AI Innovator of the Year 2019

The certificates were awarded at CC Forum's black-tie Awards Gala on 15th October 2019.